Love each other, families & Mother Earth

Founders are a pair of couple – Xun & Yi. Xun’s family are greatly engaged in the skincare industry. Influenced by his parents, Xun is determined to start up his own business at a very young age.  Meanwhile, Yi’s family are experts in wooden furniture. When their lives cross path, wonderful chemical reaction was made – The born of NSJ Stylish Store.

Combining the two families’ professions, the couple aim to bring the best quality and pleasing natural products to the public. Hence, NSJ Stylish Store persists in introducing the practical wooden inventions and natural skincare product.

Off from work, Xun & Yi are definitely outdoor enthusiasts especially in diving. After getting in touch with nature, they wish to play a role in conserving the environment. One step at a time, they press on to evolve the production line from design, materials choice, packaging to logistic in order to make their company and products somewhat environmental friendly. The ultimate goal is to achieve sustainability in both organization and ecosystem.