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Best Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Best Father's day gifts you can find in Malaysia 2019

Awesome Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas

The first and ever greatest man we know in this world is our dad. He is always the one protecting us and trying his best to lead us a better way of life. So do not miss this chance to show how thankful you are to your dad. Do put some effort into this annual gift to prepare a real personalized surprise for your dad. Maybe with his nice photos, a football team logo he loves, family photos, or anything about him.

Here are some impressive personalized gift ideas for your dad:

1. Personalized Ceramic Mug with Wooden Handle – RM99

This gift can’t go wrong! A home or office drinkware can be a suitable gift for any kind of dads. Whether your dad is in love with coffee, tea or juice, this creative-looking ceramic mug can be the best gift for him. A full set of wooden handle ceramic mug with personalized bamboo lid and bamboo coaster will definitely make a lovely and yet practical Father’s Day gift set. You can also make it exclusively belongs to your dad by engraving his name on the handle. More points to it, it is an eco-friendly product in case your dad is a nature lover.

Personalized ceramic mug set by NSJ Stylish Store 陶瓷杯,木手柄杯子,情侣杯,搬迁礼物
practical gifts, wedding gift, gifts for groomsmen and bridesmaid, 送伴郎伴娘的禮物,实用礼品
ceramic-mug-with-wooden-handle-gift-set (1)

2. Personalized Office Gift Set – RM260

Adding charms to any man with a set of specially-owned office tools. Most working dads will surely love this gift. The set includes a bamboo gel pen, a 16GB card USB, a name card holder, and a car keychain in a nice ribbon-tied wooden box. Every single item can be personalized (Photo on the box too!). You can make it the most awesome gift for your dad.

wooden office tools, personalized ofice tools, card holder, pendrive, pen, keychain

3. Personalized 5 Slots Wooden Watch Box – RM289

Ever thought of a luxury gift for your dad? Then this may be your good choice – a velvet inlay watch box with large glass windows, made of US imported black walnut wood. 5 compartments with removable linen pillows for all sizes of watches. Worry-free about your costly timepieces or accessories as the box can be fully locked to secure your storage. The stainless steel key comes with a wood piece for custom engravings. It also comes with a cleaning cloth for your exquisite items. To make it a ready gift, a ribbon gift box is provided too.

elegant gift, luxury gift, 高檔禮品,父親節禮物,送男朋友的禮物
Handmade 5 slots wooden watch box, wooden watch organizer for 5 watches 木手錶盒,收納盒,手錶展示盒

4. Personalized Wooden Razor – RM135

Not an ordinary razor for your dad. You can engrave his name or your message on it. The beautifully grained Ebony wood makes it so stylish and attractive for men! Each razor comes with a Mach3 Gillette Razor head. Hand-turned wooden handle with just a lightweight of 25g. Concerned about wet shaving? No worries that we finished the wood with a waterproof coat.

handmade wooden razor sold by Malaysia online gift shop, 剃须刀,木质剃须刀,雕刻剃须刀

5. Personalized Bamboo Pen Set – RM95

Do not limit this as an office gift. Any writing work will need a pen and it can be unique too. Name and wishes can be engraved on both the pen body and pen cap. Besides, the bamboo pen comes with a box to properly keep it in place. The refill can be easily found and replaced. You can personalize the pen box as well. It can be a heart touching gift for dad which is always by his side wherever he goes.


Gifts bring joy to anyone as it expresses your special feelings towards someone. A personalized Father’s Day gift can bring extra happiness for your dad as it is from his beloved child. It will be a great opportunity to strengthen your family bonds too. Thus hesitate no more to get ready a unique Father’s Day present for your greatest dad now!

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