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Best Personalized Gift Ideas For Your Parents

The BEST Personalized Gift Ideas For your Parents

Finding a gift for parents can be difficult because they have everything. If they need something, they will buy for themselves. So, a personalized gift is definitely an ideal choice because they won’t think of this.

In this article, we prepare a list of the Top 10 Best Personalized Mother’s Day & Father’s Day Gift Ideas and I’m sure you will find the right one for your parents after reading this.

The TOP 5 of Mother’s Day gift ideas

Top 5
Personalized 5 Slots Walnut Wood Watch Box – RM239~RM299

If your mom is a watch-lover, this is the ideal gift for her! This high-end wooden watch box is handmade by high-quality wood. The dark color one is black walnut wood and the light color one is beechwood. You can choose the one that matches your mom’s room design. It has 5 compartments and the interior is lined with velvet fabric to protect the watches from scratching. The watch case and wooden keychain are allowed to have word engravings for free which make your gift even special and meaningful!

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Top 4
Personalized Luxury Acacia Solid Wood Plate Set (2pcs) – RM165

Every time you go shopping with your mom, your mom’s eyes would stop on those beautiful plates. Cooking & baking make her happy because she will be proud of herself when she receives praise from her meals.  Praise her food with this plate set.

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2 (1)

Top 3
Personalized Wooden Jewelry Box – RM10

Jewelry boxes are woman’s most cherished personal possessions. Give the jewelry box to your mother! Tell her that she will always be the most beautiful woman in your life!
The box is made of natural wood, lined with high-quality velvet, and complete with interior mirrors. A portable size of 11.6cm x 8cm x 3.5cm makes it easy to carry for travel. In addition, it will be completely unique, because you can have your design on the box cover.

Personalized wooden gift for her by NSJ Stylish Store.

Top 2
Personalized Wooden Chopping Board – RM79.00 ~ RM99.00

Your mom is the best chef to you? This is the best ever gift for her! Engraved wooden chopping boards can be used as either a chopping board or an amazing decorative tray to serve her amazing looking desserts.

wooden-chopping-board-gift-for-wife (1)
8FDDB972-0009-459E-9967-C49C6CAF0F52 (1)
personalized-chopping-board-in-malaysia (1)

Top 1
Personalized Bamboo Thermal Flask – RM95

Are you staying in other city and seldom meet your mom? Give your mom a thermal flask to remind her to drink more water and take care of her health when you are not around. This will be the most thoughtful gift ever. It is made of bamboo and 304 stainless steel liner to keep hot or cold water up to 6-8 hrs. You can ask us to make the design you want on the bottle.


Let’s checkout for Father’s Day gift ideas

Top 5
Personalized Office Gift Set – RM260

Is your hero a typical office man? Give him a special set of office tools to add glamour. He can think of you whenever he is working. The set includes a bamboo gel pen, a 16GB card USB, a name card holder, and a car keychain. They are packed in a nice ribbon-tied wooden box. Every single item in this set can be personalized with your own wording and photo (on the box). 

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Top 4
Personalized Ceramic Mug with Wooden Handle – RM99

Whether your dad is in love with coffee, tea, or juice, this creative-looking ceramic mug can be the best gift for him. The wooden handle makes this mug look more classy and modern. The personalized bamboo lid and the bamboo coaster are coming together. How worthy is this set! 

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Top 3
Personalized Bamboo Sunglasses- Aviator C015 – RM95

No matter how old he is, he is very fashion-conscious. He might be up-to-date with fashion and put on the trendy outfits. A stylish sunglasses is a must for him but I bet he has never seen this kind of sunglasses. These sunglasses are made of bamboo! 100 % polarized lens, so his eyes are protected! The temples can be engraved with his name, I think your dad gonna love this accessory.

aviator black 3
30855986_335003473570759_3428451132861579264_n-1-e1569990508166 (1)
Personalized aviator bamboo sunglasses with blue polarized lens.

Top 2
Personalized Wooden Razor – RM179 ~ RM215

Your dad is one of the hardest-working men in your life, and someone who deserves a thoughtful gift for taking care of you the way he does. Words can’t thank him enough, let a gift helps you. This hand-turned wooden razor will accompany him forever because this is made of wood and the blade can be replaced when it is not sharp anymore. This would be the most special and practical gift he had ever received.

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Top 1
Personalized Wooden Watch – GentW001 (1-year warranty) – RM569

He never late. He is your best example of punctuality. A watch is his daily accessory for sure. Impress him with our personalized wooden watch this year. This stylish and luxury design will make your dad look dapper. You can put his name on the back of the watch. The watch is packed in an elegant personalized wooden box, which is made of high-quality maple wood. This whole set is a masterpiece of delicacy. You can put your dad’s photo and the message you would like to say to him on the watch box.

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