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Top 5 Personalized Graduation Gift Ideas

Top 5 Best Personalized Graduation Gifts, online gift shop malaysia, unique graduation gifts

Top 5 Personalized Graduation Gift Ideas

Convocation day is such a meaningful day for college students. Now it’s the graduation season, it is so touching when you get the invitation to attend the graduation ceremony, either as parents, siblings or besties. At the moment of sharing the good news, do you begin to think about a suitable graduation gift? Maybe a personalized graduation gift? Flowers are pretty for photo shoots but do consider a useful and unique gift for their future too.

So here we selected our Top 5 graduation gift bestsellers for your references. You can have a look at our personalized graduation gift ideas below.


1. Personalized Bamboo Pen Set – RM95

Almost all graduates need a pen in their future working life. No wonder it can be the Top 1 in our personalized graduation gift list. The pen set comes with a pen case and a 0.5mm black gel ink pen. The refill is easy to find as any brand of it will be fine, as long as the length fits inside. You can put your preferred images and wordings on the pen case, and also wordings on the pen body and pen cap. Make them think of your best wishes and encouragement each time they write with it!

Corporate gifts, graduation gifts, online gift shop malaysia

Personalized bamboo pen set, unique graduation gift ideas for friendsUnique personalized graduation gift ideas, online gift shop malaysia


2. Personalized Wooden USB Flash Drive with Wooden Box – RM85/RM105/RM140

Thinking of the best memories during your uni life? You can store them digitally and give it as a unique gift. The wooden USB flash drive is available in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB. It comes with a nice small wooden box to keep it. There are 2 magnets to hold the box cover. The flash drive set is made from beautiful and high-quality maple wood. You can personalize the design on both the box and the flash drive. Either decorate it with photos and wishes, or a calendar marking this most meaningful day!

Wooden USB flash drive with wooden box as a personalized gift.


3. Personalized Wooden Photo Cube Box – RM139/RM179

Nowadays we all love to take photos anywhere and at any time. Photos keep the best moments remembered. However, even though more photos are consuming up our phone storage, we seldom look back at them. With a photo cube box, now you can show out your precious memories. It can display up to 5 photos (10cm x 10cm) in just a space-saving wooden cube. You can engrave memorable dates and quotes which match the photos on all the 5 sides including the top. Furthermore, this lovely box can be served as a keepsake or gift box. The top segment comes away from the rest for easy access to the inner box. We do provide free photo printing service, so you can get the nicely done item by just providing all the necessary information.

Personalized unique graduation gift for friends.Personalized wooden photo cube box as a unique graduation gift for her.


4. Personalized Stainless Steel Water Bottle with Bamboo Cap – RM60

Not only pretty but with big capacity 750ml. It is also light-weight and with a handle, thus easy to bring along anywhere. Best suits active outdoor people who are always under the hot sun, as it remains odourless even after prolonged use or leaving it in the car during the summer. Worry-free about the spill because it is equipped with Food Grade Silicone O-Ring for lockout. Besides that, you are able to personalize the bamboo cap with an interesting logo or image with the name on it. This item will be very suitable for graduates who are getting ready for a job.

Stainless steel water bottle which can be personalized with your image and name.

Personalized water bottle suitable for sports and outdoor.


5. Personalized Wooden Notebook – RM60

Taking notes is not only a good habit, but it can also be a necessary step at work. Either jotting down flashing off ideas or arranging work schedules, some people are more comfortable with the black and white method. So you can consider a notebook as a graduation gift. The notebook contains a total of 60 100gsm sheets, with 30 lined white sheets and another 30 blank kraft sheets. Refill pages are available in our store. You can customize the wooden hardcover with your favourite image, message or quote.

A personalized graduation gift which is unique and practical.

Personalized wooden notebook as a graduation gift during convocation.


A personalized graduation gift is a present which will be so unique to the receiver. Especially for wooden and bamboo products, people can leave such a deep impression on the uniqueness of their natural attributes.

You may also visit our website for more interesting personalized gifts.

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