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Best Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas for Friends

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Best Personalized Wedding Gift Ideas for Couples

Ever think of a creative and heartwarming gift for the newlyweds? You can consider a personalized wedding gift to commemorate their big day! Cash, garments and jewellery is a good idea, but there will surely be a lot of guests giving these “common” gifts. Now you can make your gift stand out by preparing a personally customized gift which they can truly feel your best wishes. It will be the one and only unique gift specially made for them.

Here are some great ideas for you to brighten up their wedding day even more.


1. Couple Design Personalized Bamboo Thermal Flask – RM95

Pairs of flasks are just like the couples in pair. This will be such a practical and unique gift. The couples can make use of it in their marriage life. You can personalize both the flask cap and the flask body with interesting images and wordings. Besides, there are two different liners available, which is the stainless steel and purple clay. The stainless steel liner can keep the drinks warm for 6-8 hours, while the purple clay liner enhance the flavor of tea and best suits tea-lover.

Bamboo thermal flask as a personalized wedding gift by NSJ Stylish Store Malaysia.

Meaningful and unique wedding gifts, bamboo thermal flask


2. Personalized Wooden Hangers (2 pieces) – RM55

A perfect gift and decorations for their wedding costumes! You can engrave their names and wedding date on it. The hangers are made from Solid Sturdy Wood. Thus it will be strong enough to hold the heavy costumes. Beautiful ribbons are tied making them so pretty and available in different colours for your choice.

Wooden wedding hangers for newly-wed couple


3. Personalized Wooden Jenga Guestbook (Set) – RM198/RM208

You can help them to mark their big day with this special wooden guestbook. It is such a creative and fun way to collect the guests’ handwritten signs and wishes. You can have a complete set including the colour pencils and frame signboard. It can serve up to 350 guests. Hence it is perfect for a rustic wedding, R.O.M, or engagement party. Default designs are available for the box cover or you can custom your own design too. In addition, you can engrave their names or your wishes on each of the blocks.

Wooden Jenga Guestbook for rustic wedding theme decoration


4. Personalized Bamboo Plaque – RM115

If you are considering a traditional photo frame with normal printed photos, forget about it. Here is a more interesting way to print out your wishes with their photos! The engravings on the wood are long lasting and will not fade away. The bamboo plaque is available in 2 sizes for your choice. The couples can place it on the desk as a lovely decoration. If they prefer another type of placement, the bigger size one is very suitable to be hung on the wall as the plaque comes with holes behind it, just like a nice wall painting.

wedding-gift-idea-personalized-bamboo-plaquePersonalized bamboo plaque as a unique wedding gift for couples.


Anyone would love a personalized wedding gift because it makes them feel special. It is a present which you put your heart in for customization especially for them. Furthermore, for natural wooden products, they are featured with their own grain, knots and colour, so making each of them completely unique, signifying the purely unmatched love story of each couple.

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