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Unique And Practical Wooden Gifts Under RM150

Practical gifts under RM150

Great Practical Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

Sometimes we do have trouble finding the perfect gift for someone. We may consider for its appearance, practicality, suitability and even uniqueness. The situation worsens when your partner, family or friends turn down gifts for the reason that the items are of no use. No worries, now we have some great practical gift ideas for you. We dug into the land of our personalized gifts and came out with these treasures. These items are lovely and unique as wooden products, suitable for daily use and thus they can be a nice gift for any season. He/She may need or want it dearly.

This guide could be helpful to you and let’s have a look at it:

1. Personalized Ceramic Mug Set – RM99

Does he or she love to start the day with a cup of nice coffee? Then this can be the best gift. A creative-looking ceramic mug in a nice set with a bamboo lid, a bamboo coaster and a gift box. Even though the mug itself is without insulation function, it comes with a rubber-lined lid which slows down the cooling of hot drinks. In terms of uniqueness, the personalized lid and coaster can make the set specially belong to him or her. Available in two colours and with a capacity of 350ml. A useful gift to brighten up the day at the office or at home.

Personalized ceramic mug set by NSJ Stylish Store 陶瓷杯,木手柄杯子,情侣杯,搬迁礼物
Ceramic mug set as a practical gift idea for any occasion.

2. Personalized Wooden Photo Cube Box – RM139

Nowadays with our smartphones, we tend to capture almost every special moment in our lives. However, do we really have time to browse through those hundreds or thousands of photos? Instead of just keeping your joyous moments, now you have a lovely place to display your images. Let this be the reason for you to flip through your captured memories and showing out the most precious ones. Apart from that, this is not just a box for photos. It can be a keepsake as well. The top segment comes away from the rest so you can keep your treasures or small items in it. Others could take it as a nice decor and unaware of it. Wording can be engraved on the wooden frame to match your photos. We provide free photo printing service as well to make it a ready gift.

Wooden photo cube box can be a unique and practical gift. 相片盒,木盒子,木礼盒,结婚礼物
Personalized wooden photo cube box can be a keepsake. 收納盒,創意禮盒,結婚禮物

3. Personalized Wooden Name Card Holder – RM80

Exclusive design name card holder for the best man or woman. It can hold up to 15 name cards. This maple wood name card holder has a light-weight of 55 grams. If any of your friends or families is a salesman or businessman who is constantly handing out business cards, imagine how impressive it can be with a nice-looking name card holder. It can be such a unique and yet practical gift.

Personalized wooden name card holder as a gift for any business man or woman.
Personalized wooden name card holder by nsj stylish store

4. Personalized Wooden Card USB – 8GB-RM60/16GB-RM65/32GB-RM75/64GB-RM95

A USB flash drive can be a must for nowadays students or certain working men. Now creative design is added to it and the outcome is – a card USB. You can easily bring it anywhere inside your pocket, wallet or ID card holder. It is thin and has a perfect fit in bag compartments as well. Its greater surface area also reduces the chances of losing it or leaving it behind in any lab or office. Apart from that, this card design enables the USB chip to be kept safe when not in use to avoid unwanted dust and damage.

Personalized practical wooden office gifts. 卡型随身碟,U盘,木质随身碟,办公室礼品
Personalized wooden card pendrive
Personalized USB flash drives for any ocassion. 生日禮物,創意禮物

5. Personalized Bamboo Cap Stainless Steel Water Bottle – RM60

Obviously, this is another practical gift without the need of clarifying its function. Whether you are attending class, working at the office, having a gym or traveling, this resistant stainless steel bottle can be the best companion. It can be useful in a special way that we can make it as a reminder. For instance, the bamboo cap engraved with “Drink More” and a smiley turns it into an irresistible temptation. The water bottle is with the perfect capacity of 750ml, and also a large 4.5cm opening for easy cleaning, filling and pouring.

Personalized bamboo cap stainless steel water bottle as a useful gift. 不锈钢水壶,水壶,水瓶
Personalized water bottle with a big capacity, sustainable stainless steel bottle, bring your own bottle, 環保不銹鋼水壺,客制化竹蓋水壺
sports bottle, big capacity bottle, customized tumbler, gift for outdoor enthusiasts, 戶外水壺,大容量水瓶

Practical items are always the best gifts for any occasion. Practical gifts do not mean boring items. They can also be special and attractive. Furthermore, for certain gifts, the receiver will be able to bring it with him/her daily so it can be so meaningful and yet useful. Hope that our suggestions above can be a good guide for you.

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