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The Complete Guide Of Planning A Rustic Wedding in Malaysia


Guides for The Perfect Rustic Wedding Plan

Rustic decors had become one of the most popular themes for weddings over these years. A rustic wedding theme can be so unique and romantic as you can easily capture breathtaking views and sceneries for your photoshoots.

Forget about the worries that you may mess up your big day. Here we prepared some useful guides for your perfect rustic wedding plan.

1. Find your rustic wedding venue

First of all, you need a suitable venue which suits your theme. A matching location can greatly reduce your budget on the decorations.

A fully air-conditioned space with impressive floor-to-ceiling glass walls that allow good lighting. You can have a 360-degree view of its surrounding greenery. A truly rustic indoor wedding venue regardless of the weather.

Enjoy the tranquil environment by having your big day here. An amazing lakeside view with tropical forest and gardens. Image via Venuescape

A rustic lodge in the hills of Janda Baik. Simple decorations will be enough for this venue. The farm chic atmosphere is just nice for a vintage wedding. Image via The Wedding Barn.

Breathtaking seaside views, gentle breeze, and fresh air. You can feel the natural atmosphere of having your wedding at the beach. An outdoor wedding can be so relaxing. Image via Alex Tan Artworks

How a lovely and romantic garden wedding at this natural space. Make your wedding celebration remembered with the beauty of rain forests. Image via hitchbird

2. Wedding Decoration Ideas

After selecting your desired wedding venue, now you may in need of some decoration ideas for the wedding space.

  • Welcome Signs

welcome sign, wooden sign
plan a perfect wedding
Image via Jessica Cooper
wooden wedding decorations, rustic welcome sign
Image via J Wiley Photography
  • Wedding Arches

rustic wedding scene
rustic wedding arch ideas, flower arch
Image via Caroline Tran
  • Wedding Cakes

wedding cake, rustic wedding cake
Image via Tulle & Chantilly
wedding cake ideas
Image via Rockhill Studio
frosting wedding cakes, creative wedding cake ideas
Image via Austin Gros
  • Food Bars

rustic wedding food bar ideas
Image via Deep Pearl Flowers
Image via Out of My Bubble
Image via Out of My Bubble
wedding food drink bars, wooden coffee bar
Image via Jessica Sparks
  • Wedding Centerpieces

rustic wedding centerpieces
Image via Style Me Pretty
Image via Deep Pearl Flowers
Image via Deep Pearl Flowers
  • Signing Tables

jenga guest book, wedding guest book
Image via Needles + Leaves
Image via Calyxia Design
Image via Calyxia Design
wedding signing table, wedding table
Image via Heather Kincaid
  • Wedding Chairs

rustic wedding chairs, wedding decoration ideas, country wedding style
Image via Weston Park
Image via Weston Park
Image via West Street Vineyard
Image via West Street Vineyard
  • Wedding Backdrops

flowery wedding arch
wedding backdrop decorations
simple rustic wedding backdrops
wedding plans, rustic backdrop, wedding photo
Image via bridestory

3. Rustic Wedding Items You Can Get In Malaysia

A cord of three strands is not easily broken. How an appropriate quote as a reminder for every couples. Hold your hands tightly and never give up on each other no matter what obstacles come up. You have a better idea? No worries that you can customize the design on it. In a dimension of 50cm x 40cm, the sign is made of stain-finished plywood. It can be a nice home decoration as well after your wedding.


Ever heard of a Jenga guest book? It is a wooden guest book in the form of building blocks. Wedding guests will enjoy the fun of stacking up their signed blocks. The Jenga consists of 54 blocks. Each block can fit the signatures of 5 to 8 guests so the whole set can serve 350 guests perfectly. The guest book comes in a set with a wooden box, colour pencils and a frame signboard. Everything is well prepared for you.


A custom-design ring holder for your ring ceremony. An elegant way of displaying your wedding rings during and even after your wedding. You can design it with your names, wedding date, quotes, images or anything as long as it fits the space on it. It can be truly special for any couples.

ring holder

Here is another option to place the rings during your wedding. With your names and wedding date engraved on it, it will be unique for both of you. It can be a lovely keepsake for the rings as well after marriage.

Personalize a wooden ring box for your big day at NSJ Stylish Store! Delivery 4-6 working days. 木質戒指盒,訂婚戒指盒,婚禮戒指盒,定制戒指盒

This luxury wooden ring box is made of high-quality US-imported walnut wood. The dark and low-key original wood color make it look different from those wooden product we usually see in the market. We designed it with single and also two ring holes to make it suitable for proposal, wedding or as a gift for your beloved ones.

walnut-wood-ring-box-rustic-wedding-items 戒指盒,客制化戒指盒,木戒指盒
wedding ring box made of wood 木製戒指盒,雕刻戒指盒,結婚戒指,求婚戒指盒

Wedding photographers tend to capture every detail of your wedding. Plastic hangers can be so unmatched for the rustic theme. How about a pair of personalized wooden hangers? With pretty ribbons tied on the hangers, it can be so romantic. The hangers are made of solid sturdy wood and strong enough for your heavy costumes. Do consider getting this as it can be a practical item as well after the wedding.


4. Unique and Rustic Door Gifts You Can Get In Malaysia

This lovely small magnet can impress your wedding guests. Each of the magnets comes with a brush lettering envelope. In order to make it personalized for every guest, all you need to do is to provide a name list. This will be a meaningful wedding door gift as it is made of eco-friendly material.


A perfect match for any rustic-style table decorations. It can be a useful item for your guests on the wedding spot too. The coaster is having large engraving surface and is able to fit most of your creative design ideas. The best pick to commemorate your big day.


5. Gifts for Groomsmen and Bridesmaids

Be grateful to your groomsmen or bridesmaid. Normally they are the ones who had been by your side for most of the time in your live.

This can be the most practical and yet lovely gift. Available in a pair of colours. Just nice for your groomsmen and bridesmaid. Apart from its creative look, the lid and coaster can be customized with any image and wording. Each set comes with an elegant gift box. It can be truly memorable as a personalized wedding gift.

Personalized ceramic mug set by NSJ Stylish Store 陶瓷杯,木手柄杯子,情侣杯,搬迁礼物
ceramic-mug-with-wooden-handle-gift-set (1)

An appreciation gift for your groomsmen and bridesmaid, capturing your memorable moments with them and turn it into a lovely gift. It will be so heart-warming and meaningful. You can even put in some surprise as the top segment comes away from the rest. It is quite spacious inside and it can be such a special gift box or keepsake.

Personalized wooden photo cube box can be a keepsake. 收納盒,創意禮盒,結婚禮物
Close-up picture of the personalized wooden photo cube box

With the above-mentioned ideas, Your dream rustic wedding plan will not be only imagination. Warmest wishes and congratulations for all the wedding couples on your upcoming big day 🙂

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