Uniqueness of Woods & Bamboos

Before You Purchase

As our products are made from natural woods and bamboos, there are few things you might need to know before you purchase our products.


Wooden Products

Every wood has its own knots and textures. Even is from the same species, you can’t find two woods which looks exactly the same. You might need to think twice if you can’t accept texture and uneven colors before you purchase.


  1. Wood Knots

    Wood knots can be found in every tree because it is the place where branches of a tree grew. It is a mark that indicates the position of wood branches are cut. Hence, wood knots are inevitable in wooden products just the matter of size and colour. Drop us an email or remark upon purchase if you have any request regarding to the wood knots and we might try our best to fulfill your request.



  1.  Wood Colors/ Wood Tones

The same wood from same species of tree might have slightly different in colour due to different exposure to sunlight, water and heat during its growing process. Different living conditions will cause the woods to have a difference in tones. Hence, we may not able to ensure the consistency of the wooden colour and the item(s) you receive as shown in the picture but you may drop us an email if you need a lighter colour wood or darker colour wood and we will try our best to fulfill your needs.




  1. Wooden Textures / Wood Grains

Wood grain is actually referring to the orientation of the wood fibers. The different wood grains can be found in the same species of wood depends on the growing of wood cells and the ways the wood is being cut. Normally, you may find wavy, spiral, diagonals and interlocked shapes of grains. Of course, you are lucky enough if you can find a wood with only perfect straight grains.



Bamboo Products

Similar with wooden products, bamboo will have its own grains and colour. No one can figure out what is the inner colour of the bamboo before we peel the surface off. The different in toning may add styles and uniqueness to your product.

  1. Bamboo colour / Tones

Same as wood, you may find the different colour on the bamboo products. The colour might affected by its natural living conditions and the hardness of the bamboo. We will try our best to seize the colour of the bamboo but unfortunately, we have no power to determine what is the inner colour of the bamboo.


  1. Bamboo Grains / Structures

Bamboo grains could be different from pieces to pieces as it is the different locations of the bamboo. It can be normally divided into vertical grains and edge grains. The edge grains are not a defective part but another beauty of the bamboo.


However, except for the natural attributes of wooden and bamboo products as stated above, NSJ will bear the full responsibility on the defective products, including any damage caused during the production, packaging and delivering process. Kindly contact us if you feel you have some small requests on the textures/colors of the engraving products by dropping an email to [email protected] or leave an order note at the checkout page.

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