What Type of Wood We Use for Our Products?

Since all of you know that most of our products are made of wood, did you ever wonder what type of wood we actually use? Here we listed down the types of wood we involved as our product materials, together with some fun facts. Let us get into the knowledge about wood now!

1. Black Walnut Wood

Black walnut wood is among the most valuable species of hardwoods. It is the U.S. imported wood. We love its elegant dark brown and unique grain which is able to bring out the exquisiteness of jewelry pieces. So we made it into a few designs of accessory boxes. As a result, it became so popular in our store!

Weak point: The dark brown is not suitable for engraving complex images. The outcome can be barely visible.

Walnut Wood Products: Watch Box, Ring Box, Jewelry Box, Keychain, Luggage Tag

2. Maple Wood

Maple wood is sourced from Sugar Maple Tree. It is also among our favorite wood types. Engraving looks great on the light and creamy surface. The smooth grain pattern can be so suitable for almost everything.

Weak point: Engraving of thin and compact lines are not applicable because the texture is soft.

Maple Wood Products: Watch, Card Holder, Card USB, USB with Wooden Box

3. Beech Wood

Beech wood is typically found in pale cream color. The wood grain is straight and uniform. Engraving of images also looks nice on it. Its natural elegance does not need much embellishment to emphasize it.

Weak point: It can easily absorb water, thus not suitable for a moist environment.

Beech Wood Products: Watch Box, Luggage Tag, Magnet

4. Rubberwood

Here comes our local rubberwood! Rubberwood is a light-colored hardwood. The wood grain is typically straight and uniform. When it comes to solid wood furniture, rubberwood is often listed as one of the good choices.

Weak point: Not suitable for outdoor use, susceptible to damage caused by excessive moisture. Also, sometimes the wood exists dark spots or has an obvious color difference on a single piece which is unavoidable.

Rubberwood Products: Desk Name Plate, Ring Holder

5. Ebony Wood

Ebony wood is one of the most expensive woods in the world. It is so dense, hard and dark. You can easily get a smooth finished Ebony wood after polished as it is finely-textured. It is our primary choice for classic and minimalist. The perfect match for low key guys.

Weak point: It is almost black so engraving on it can be barely visible.

Ebony Wood Products: Watch, Razor

6. Cherry Wood

Do you know that cherry wood actually changes colors over time? It darkens over time as it is exposed to natural light to reach a beautiful reddish-brown color. The grain pattern of cherry wood is similar to maple wood, which is smooth and closed. Its tight grain makes it nice-looking too even in small pieces.

Weak point: The color may darken with age in unpredictable ways.

Cherry Wood Products: Luggage Tag, Keychain

7. Cedar Wood

Cedar wood is a kind of softwood with wonderful aroma. Its scent makes it naturally insect-repelling. It is also resistant to decay as it grows in damp climates. It is very durable and we can even use it as a decor in its original form, just like the slice deco.

Weak point: Extra care is needed as it can be easily scratched or dented.

Cedar Wood Products: Jenga Guest Book, Slice Deco

8. Pine Wood

Pine wood is also a softwood. It is lightweight but stiff. It is often listed as an environment-friendly material as it grows so quickly. This leads to a lower cost for pine wood and thus suitable for making it into larger premium products. It has a very distinctive look due to its light wood color and dark knots. It can be so unique for gifts.

Weak point: The wood is tended to scratches and damages.

Pine Wood Products: Boxes

9. Oak Wood

Oak wood is often easily recognized for its unique grain pattern. As it is highly durable due to its strength and hardness, it is also among the most popular woods used in furniture. Its color is naturally beautiful without the need for staining. We made it into long-lasting photo cubes to treasure your best memories.

Weak point: Oak wood can be quite heavy.

Oak Wood Products: Photo Cube

10. Rosewood

Rosewood is typically richly hued. Its reddish-brown color and fine texture make it a suitable wood for premium products. It is also very durable and quite stable once dried. We are using African Rosewood for our bookmarks.

Weak point: Same as all dark woods, fine engravings on it can be barely visible.

Rosewood Products: Bookmark

11. Basswood

Basswood is widely used in lightweight wood products. Not only that it is light, soft and easily workable, but the price is also comparatively low which makes it a widely used commercial wood type. It is also finely grained with an even texture. Thus engravings on the surface are looking so nice. We do not use solid wood for the notebook covers due to the thickness issue. We are using basswood plywood for beautiful and yet portable notebooks.

Weak point: Not durable and susceptible to decay.

Basswood Products: Notebook

Each type of wood is having its pros and cons. We put their characteristics into consideration before deciding on which one is the best when designing a new product. Hence we made all of these lovely products for you. Each of these natural products will be completely unique, just like you and me.

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