Will Stainless-Steel Rust?

Have you ever come across this question when you are using the stainless-steel products? Are your utensils, furniture or accessories can be restrained from corrosion forever?

According to British Stainless-Steel Association, stainless steel is a metal contain of at least 10.5% of Chromium, Nickel and Molybdenum which are the corrode-resist materials to ensure the corrode resistance level of stainless steel. However, stainless-steel also consist of Carbon, Silicon and Manganese which will corrode as time pass by.

Stainless-Steel Grade 304 is the most frequent use stainless-steel in our daily life. It was used to produce cutlery, bottles or other containers used for food consuming. In fact, the 304-grade stainless-steel is made up of more than 50% the mixture of Chromium and Iron. Chromium is used to increase its resistance level but the use of iron indicates there is still have chances for your items to undergo oxidation or in common words, rusting.

To wrap this up, according to the experts, stainless-steel will still have the tendency to be corrode after long period of use as mentioned by the word itself “Stainless” instead of “Stain Impossible”. Moreover, the corrosion process can be fastened up if the stainless-steel products were used in inappropriate manners. To know more about the proper ways of using stainless-steel products, we have some notes for you!  

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