About Us


Founded in September 2016. Our founders are a pair of 90s couple – Xuen & Yi. As Yi’s family are experts in wooden furniture and Xuen’s dream is to be an entrepreneur since young. When their lives cross path, wonderful chemical reaction was made – The born of NSJ Stylish Store.

In NSJ Stylish Store, we follow three principles: 1.  Practicality 2. Environmental protection 3. High quality with reasonable price

Our founders aim to bring the best quality and practical natural products to the public. To add unique value to each product, they brought laser engraving technique into their production. Most of NSJ Stylish Store products can be personalized to customers. In two years time, NSJ Stylish Store has become Malaysia’s biggest online personalized wooden gift store.

Off from work, Xuen & Yi are definitely outdoor enthusiasts. After getting in touch with nature, they wish to play a role in conserving the environment. One step at a time, they press on to evolve the production line from design, materials choice to packaging in order to make their company and products somewhat environmentally friendly. NSJ Stylish Store insists on using natural and biodegrable material to make products while only less than 5% of plastics being used in the whole process. 

NSJ Stylish Store has joined onetreeplanted's tree planting project since Jun, 2019. Part of our profits being donated to plant trees around the world every year with Onetreeplanted. 

Our ultimate goal is to achieve sustainability in both organization and ecosystem. 

Together, we can create a better future.


nsj stylish store donates to plant trees
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nsj stylish store planting trees, csr